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Generate passive income in no time, without any extra work, just a couple of clicks

Earn with your Electricity

Earn more than ever with your own produced electricity.

Safe and Trustful

"Experience Unparalleled Security with Personal Document Verification,


Private Parking Sharing

"Private Parking Sharing: Seamlessly Share Your Driveway or Parking Space with Fellow Drivers, Enhance Their Parking Experience, and Generate Extra Income When Your Spot is free!"

Private Charging Sharing

"Private Charge Sharing: Effortlessly Rent Out Your Home EV Charger to Fellow Drivers, Boost Their Charging Convenience, and Earn Extra Cash Whenever You're Not Charging!"

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Leon Nagel

Leon Nagel

Chief Executive Officer
Weiji Zhang

Weiji Zhang

Chief Operational Officer
Elena Spanou

Elena Spanou

Chief Legal Officer
Torsten Pustal

Torsten Pustal

Chief Financial Officer
Suparni Neuwirth

Suparni Neuwirth

Chief Marketing Officer
Muhammad Usama

Muhammad Usama

Senior Software Engineer


Emily R

I was initially hesitant about using a private park sharing service, but I'm so glad I gave it a try! Not only has it saved me time and stress from searching for public parking spots, but it's also introduced me to some wonderful people in my community. The ease and convenience of booking a spot near my destination have been game-changing. Plus, I love the fact that I'm supporting local residents by renting their unused spaces. The secure payment processing and friendly customer support have made the entire experience a breeze. I can't recommend private park sharing enough for anyone looking to simplify their parking experience while making meaningful connections!

Emily R

Satisfied Park Sharer

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Weiji Zhang

COO | Co-Founder

Team Member

Leon Nagel

CEO | Co-Founder

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